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Events This Week

Looking for something automotive to do in Austin this week? Here's your list!

Rod Chopperz Cruise Nite - Monthly
Belton, FRI JUL 20

Martin's Kum-Bak Classic Car Night
Austin, SAT JUL 21

2018 Corvette Invasion
Austin, SAT JUL 21 - SUN JUL 22

Pistons on the Square - Monthly
Georgetown, SAT JUL 21

Hallettsville Truck Pull
Hallettsville, SAT JUL 21

Leander Car Show - Monthly
Leander, SAT JUL 21

Kim’s Hamburgers Etc Car Night - Monthly
Waco, SAT JUL 21

G21 Takes Over Taylor - Monthly
Taylor, SUN JUL 22

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